Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23

A very uneventful weekend (for a change) no travel, no major projects just a few trips to the grocery store, working in the yard, cooking on the grill and a couple of adult beverages...not beer...

Saturday afternoon I got in an RT..nothing that crazy..I got the sloshpipe out as well as the weight sled, and from the inspiration of TNTMan I tried doing countdown sets...I made it through 7 before the wheels came off..I think these may need to be their own session or at least at the beginning not the end of the workout.

I got to try out my new running shoes this afternoon....sweet. I love Nike Air Max shoes. The South FL weather was sunny with a slight breeze. The run was finished with firing the grill up for a ginger infused flank steak, and as the coals heated I kicked back with a glass of Gentlemen Jack on ice. It was a nice weekend.


  1. LOL - 7 isn't bad for the first go round. Any chance you can switch out squat thrusts for those body weight squats? Just to add a little more motion. Yes - do them in the beginning and maybe instead of a CT.

    You WILL make this happen - its fun - right?

  2. I just finished up my workout template for the next month or so......The BBOE Fat Loss just didn't hold my interest. I gave it 3 weeks and that was all I could muster.
    I did switch out bodyweight for squat thrusts in this up coming template...and they are at the start of the session.