Monday, January 31, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011 A Recap.......

Yesterday was the Warrior Dash, It was possibly one of the best afternoons that I've spent...ever. It's not about finishing with a competitive time, even though there is a winner, how do you know what's competitive when it's a 3 mile race across junk cars, hay bales, under barbed wire and over logs and up cargo nets and through tires.....The fact that you hit the finish line with a huge smile on your face lets you know that you were competitive.

You're not an Official Warrior until you get your official warrior headdress.
Yes, you need to start the race with clean clothes, the cleaner the better.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the two fire pits you have to hurdle just one obstacle shy of the finish line...the last obstacle you ask....well it's the Muddy Mayhem pit so just in case you are on fire the muddy murky dank water will extinguish your flames....

Lots and lots of costumes...the Harlem Globetrotters showed up.

The Jolly Green Giant and Mullet Man also made an appearance. These guys were drinking beer before the kind of guys.

Batman and Robin without any alcohol...these guys were actually stretching and warming up.

If you make it across the finish line you get a medal! In 46 years of life this is the first time that I've ever gotten a medal......

Mud, Sweat and Beer - In this case one for each hand! Both Light Beers which equals one real beer, I think.

My wife filmed my amazing jumping's no wonder the hair on my shins is missing.

These guys filmed the race with a helmet cam....a pretty decent representation of the race.

and yes this counts as a CT I finished in 47:58 and placed 2404 out of 5159....

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  1. WOW! Fantastic. Looks like you had a hell of a time - and yes - Count it as a CT - No questions asked.

    Thanks for sharing.

    TNT Man