Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13

No exercise yesterday, due to flight delays and a late dinner.
One of the things I have a hard time when traveling is going from the Eastern to Central time zone. It's amazing just how much that one hour throws me for a loop. This morning I woke up as I usually do somewhere around 5:45, I rolled over to look at the clock and boom 4:45 welcome to Central time...Ughhhhh..

So I trudge to the elevator molest the buttons till I find the "L"...I shuffle to the front desk and mumble "Can you point me to the fitness center, please?" the desk clerk responds (just a bit to cheerily) "Lower Lobby"...back to the elevator and down another floor....I walked in and was greeted with a complete gym 7 or 8 resistance stations, a dumbbell rack that went up to 70lbs and a huge Cybex Machine. If you're ever in Nashville TN and need a hotel with a loaded gym, indoor and outdoor pool and close to the local attractions and the airport check out the Nashville Marriott.

I managed to squeeze in a 40 min walk on the treadmill. I tried doing ladders with the incline 1 min at 1% incline then 1 min at 2% incline etc... all the way up to made the time pass a bit quicker. Then back to the room for and oatmeal, chocolate protein powder & peanut butter concoction and a shower. Have a great Thursday....


  1. SWF,

    I can only imagine how tough it is to continue to workout while on the road....the travel and time changes would exhaust me! Great job on making it happen!

    Someday would love to head to Nashville...I know the college baseball coaches just returned from a convention there too!



  2. Love Nashville. Went to a wedding there last summer. Had a lot of fun in the Honky Tonk area. Past a sign over a hole-in-the-wall food place - "Noshville." Had to laugh. Came away with two hats - black western and a straw country type. Fun.

    The hotel gym is way better than most of the Closets that I've used.

    TNT Man

  3. @BBM - Travel at times can suck..... like to night my flight out of Nashville was delayed almost 3 hours it's 11:00pm and I just rolled into my hotel instead of my driveway, but the plus side is that I've gotten to see the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Paula Deans in Savannah and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville...places that I normally wouldn't have been able to see.

    @TNT - Nashville is a great town, the airport restaurants is filled with live music almost 24 hours a day. I may need to consult you on the hat wardrobe, my dermatologist is starting to get concerned about sun damage...