Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan 6

Rolled back into town this evening to a healthy meal of baked chicken, wild rice, roasted brussel sprouts and raw carrots.
My wife and I had planned for an after dinner walk but as things, like the weather, seems to happen in South Florida, it started raining.. so instead of nixing our plans we pulled out a new "Biggest Loser Power Walk" DVD that we bought over the holidays. It turns out the DVD was broken down into four 16 minute one mile segments. Perfect for the 40-4-40...40 minutes 2.5 miles....easy.....or not

I've never really given much of a thought to exercise DVD's, I thought they were something that I wouldn't be able to get much out of..after all I've always trained as a power-lifter and only did cardio when I thought it was necessary..come on how high could your heart-rate get walking in place? Well somewhere around minute 20 by glutes were on fire, sweat was building up on my brow and my heart-rate was actually elevated... I was kind of glad to see 40:00 displayed on the DVD. Would this be something that I want to do everyday? probably not, is it something that I'd do every week or so ...maybe.....possibly next challenge I make a PG to do 4 or 5 new types of workouts.


  1. Don't use up all the South Florida Sun. As I shoveled the front walk and driveway, I thought - Only 4 1/2 days to Warmth - gotta start packing.

    TNT Man

  2. I'll tell you the sun down here is week it's Nashville, TN and then Baltimore, MD the following week so by the end of the month I'll be looking for warmth and sun......