Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27

A bright a beautiful South Florida morning - time for a walkabout

Right at 52 minutes - It was sunny and in the 50's most everyone was bundled up - everyone except me the relocated Georgia boy short sleeves and shorts. Just a few pictures from this mornings walk.....

This is Legacy Park a small park located at the local boat ramp and doc. I've spent many an evening with my wife down here fishing aka "Feeding the fish".

Mommy Duck and her ducklings hanging out on the dock waiting to be fed. One thing about the local ducks...when they're babies they're cute...when they're grown these ducks are ugly as hell.

The clock tower on our round-a-bout. The clock chimes every half hour the round-a-bout no one around here has any idea how to navigate it.

Lots of green grass, palm trees and sunshine. I call it Chamber of Commerce weather. Most of these houses were built in the 60's and have lots of varying and unique architecture.

One of the many many canals around my house- lots of fishing and lots of places for boating.

This is the local Aquatic Center..I grew up around this area and during that time this was the local community pool over the years they've built it out to include slides, water canons and wading pools. I'm of course to big for most of the attractions.

I can say that I've officially found "The End Of The Road". I've walked down this street many a times and I've never noticed this sign.

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