Friday, January 21, 2011


First I'll say I'm not a runner...seriously. I run/walk 3 or 4 times a week and at most I'll end up running/walking 400 miles over the course of the year, but I wouldn't say that I'm a runner.
To me runners are always those folks with single digit body fat numbers, they wear matching synthetic running shirts and shorts, own very technical watches for tracking laps, heart rate etc......they consistently turn in sub 10 minutes miles. Those things are not me. I usually run in cut-off sweat pants or basketball shorts or as my wife kindly calls them "Wife Repellent Shorts"...I wear cotton t-shirts which are heavy with sweat after a run....maybe there is something to all that synthetic material after all.
If you were to look at me the one thing that might tip you off that I might run at more than just the Domino's Pizza guy is my shoes. I love my Nike Air Max running shoes! I bought my first pair last year..they were a 2009 model..Nike actually date stamps their shoes. From the first time I wore them I was in heaven, they are the most comfortable shoe that I've ever worn. So comfortable that I have worn them for more than just running, they've been through countless airports, hiking on my honeymoon and more grocery store trips than I could ever count and this has resulted in them showing their age...
Well yesterday afternoon my wife surprised me with a brand new pair of Nike Air Max Livestrong edition....sweet. Putting aside thoughts on what Lance Armstrong did or didn't do during his cycling days what he started with Livestrong is nothing short of amazing. I wear a yellow bracelet it helps me to remember my family, friends and loved ones...many of which have beat cancer, are dealing with cancer and unfortunately have succumbed to cancer. My bracelet keeps me focused on doing whatever I humanly can to keep my body cancer free.
So this weekend I'll break in those new shoes, I'll wear them with pride, think of those family, friends and loved ones..yes Nike Air Max's are one of My Favorite Things.

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