Saturday, January 8, 2011

Accomplishments week of 1/7

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This past week
2 nights out of town (Orlando & Sarasota FL)
Managed not to visit an airport
Started the Winter 52DC
Started using FitDay..again....which really works for me when it comes to diet
Went the whole week without a single beer
Tweaked my accountability worksheet to track food calories

As one that has been through more than their fair share of TSA screening I found the below report very interesting.

TSA Scorecard

2010 statistics on Airport screening from the T.S.A. and Department of Homeland Security :

Terrorist Plots Discovered 0

Transvestites 133

Hernia’s 1,485

Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172

Enlarged Prostates 8,249

Breast Implants 59,350

Natural Blondes 3

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  1. TSA Score Card - just way too funny.