Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan 11

Got a very early workout in this morning, again I strayed from the BBOE Fat Loss workout and went my own way. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this template, 3rd week into it and I'm not following it.

Gobble Squats 3x10
DB Bench Press 3x10
Push Ups 3x20
DB Highpulls 3x10
Scaption 3x10
Seated Reverse Fly 3x10
Planks 3x60sec
DB OHP 3x10
Suspension Strap Curl 3x10

I made into Tampa early evening, changed into my cut off sweatpants and looked for the exercise room....and I found it Ughhh... there was a homeowners version of a treadmill that didn't work, an eliptical that wobbled way to much for a piece of stationary exercise equipment. I ended up heading out for an evening walk around Tampa, FL. I decided that I must be in the better part of the city after I walked past Thee Dollhouse (you can Google it if you can't figure it out).

I can knock off two more 40-4-40's....and my eating is still staying clean, the calories are way under 2500...lots of tuna, chicken and very little of the carbs, especially the bad ones.

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  1. I Have yet to find a fat loss program that I liked or which worked for me. Fat loss is 95% diet. I will stick with just building strength and eating clean.