Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan 4

Morning walk in the park, looks like I was "Walking Drunk"


  1. How do you get all those screen shots for inclusion in your blog?

  2. I use a free program called UltraSnap

    You can set up up to capture the whole screen or set up three keys Ctrl+Alt+R and it gives you crosshairs where you can draw a box around the region you want.

    You can add some annotations to your image and same it in a few different formats.

    I've used it for years..there is a paid version but for PowerPoints, emails & blogging the free version works great.

  3. Along the same line, how did you get your route put so cleanly on a map? So far, I can only get my Garmin 305 to cover my route with boxes. Your screenshot looks much better.

  4. @Kyle the screenshot comes from the iPhone app
    For the month of January
    Runkeeper is giving the app away for free (I paid $10.00).
    You can upload your activities to their website and run various fitness reports etc...
    I've used the app since May and it was worth the $10.00 that I had to pay for it..