Monday, January 24, 2011

A Fan Of Design

I'm actually a huge fan of design. From something a simple as a pair of Chinese Tranquility Balls to the beauty and simple lines of a Chrome Prowler, I appreciate functional and beautiful and simple and original design...all in one item or or individually.

Years ago I can across Tom Peters and immediately felt this connection with his ideas and the way he wrote. In the past I've used him for ideas. Tom has his own ideas on design as well.
OK all that to get to this....Over the weekend I came across this interview with Scott Summit of Bespoke Innovations.
Here's a bit of it: "We recently caught up with Scott Summit, the industrial designer behind San-Francisco-based Bespoke Innovations, at AU 2010, where he was one of the keynote speakers. Bespoke Innovations has a clear mission: Apply good industrial design and rapid prototyping techniques to make kick-ass prosthetics. They don't do off-the-shelf parts--they interview amputees, find out what makes them tick, and design some seriously cool custom limbs based on their interests and tastes."
I'm fortunate no one in my family or for that matter no one that I know of has a prosthetic limb. I've seen some of the interesting designs of athletic prosthetics, but I figured that the cool design was based on it's function not what it looked like.
Why shouldn't someone have a prosthetic limb that reflects their personality? I have ink on my body, my ear is pierced, my head shaved and I have a my personality must say that I want to look like everyone else. That aside, it's pretty damn cool that someone designs outside the box (I really dislike that phrase) but it's cooler that people have recognized it.

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