Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20

I woke up this morning threw a frozen banana, blueberries, milk and a scoop of protein powder into MFT and created my 300 calorie breakfast drink. As I got ready for my morning workout I looked out back and noticed my kettlebells and decided that it was time to start working them back into my workout.....It became Kettlebell Thursday this morning. KB Snatches and foam rolling to warm up with then followed up by an intense 46 minute RT session......

I think that the fat loss template I was following is officially kaput....I'm sure it works but it's just so damn boring. The kettlebell swings managed to get the heart rate elevated just as the squat thrusts did....all in all a good workout.

I'm fighting a bit of a cold...I just love being trapped in airplanes several days a I took my lunch hour and went for a run hoping that I could sweat this bug out of my system. 10 hours later I'm feeling better than I did this morning.


  1. Have you done Count Downs? I did the following: 10 single arm Kettlebell swings, followed by 10 squat thrusts with push up, followed by 10 chin-ups - Rest - then a circuit of 9, then 8 etc. I alternated the swings first with the left hand then the next set with the right hand. This will get your heart rate up.

    TNT Man

  2. I've done ladders (counting up) before but only as a single exercise never as a circuit. I'll give it a shot minus the chin-ups...still to this day I can't pull off a single one....