Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fooducate and Beer

What would a Saturday night be without a bit of Fooducation and......Beer

As one that spends more than fair share of time in grocery stores here's an app that I find invaluable...Fooducate...scan the barcode on any food item and it will give you a grade, calories per serving and tips about the product.
The best part is that it will give you better options...kind of like Eat This Not This but without having to pay $10 for the book

Beers Of The Week(end)
My participation in the 52DC has limited my utter enjoyment of the barley and hops...but what's 52 day out of a long long life......a lot I tell you when it comes to beer. As I've I always said "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin

First up Full Sail Amber ....I've always been a fan of amber beers, those light and low carb beers simply require me to drink to much to find my "Happy Place". I drank this with my Beef and Broccoli dinner and wished that I had bought another as I would have been inclined to help out cleaning the kitchen.

As a native Texan Shiner Bock has always been close to my heart.....but as the taste buds mature it's one of those those that I've kind of left a bit behind. I cracked the top on this one during dinner preparation and almost broke into a verse or two of Deep In The Heart Of Texas..... maybe if I had a few more on hand the taste buds would have COME back to life for this brew...until then there's a reason that we call it the Republic of Texas.

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